Double Ankh Pendant

Double Ankh Pendant


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Color: Yellow
Size: Medium

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  • The Ankh, the most famous symbol of ancient Egypt as well the most mysterious.
  • The Ankh is found all over the centuries-old walls and temples in Egypt, but there has never been a physical Ankh found or excavated.
  • The Ankh is part of a trinity; The Ankh, the Djed and the Was (Sceptre).
  • A lot of information can be found on the internet about the Ankh and its meaning, but little can be found about its true purpose of this remarkable and powerful object.
  • The Ankh is the symbol of eternal life.
  • But what is less commonly known is the Ankh is the key to the resurrection-process and ascension.
  • Osiris is one of the “Gods” who went through the resurrection-process.
  • He was murdered by his jealous brother Seth. Isis, Osiris’ wife, initiated the resurrection-process by (among others) placing an Ankh on his heart.
  • This made it possible for the soul to return with all memories intact including the ones of the higher mind and soul, back in the body.
  • Right after this process the Was is used to anchor the soul in the body and dimension.
  • The process is unpleasant, but allows enormous growth possibilities for the soul.
  • This is the same process Jesus (Jeshua) went through a few thousand years later.
  • Pharaoh Akhenaton (Amenophis IV) used the Ankh and the halls of Amenti to perform the ascension process (enlightenment) on people whose genetic code has been adequately developed.
  • But the knowledge of the Ankh and the Ankh itself are way much older than era of ancient Egypt.
  • The Ankh was already used for these purposes in the era of Lemuria and Atlantis.
  • The Ankh, Was and Djed are no longer physically in our dimension and have therefor never been found or excavated.
  • Only when we’re collectively ready for it, these extremely powerful tools and knowledge how to use them will be made available for mankind once again.
  • This powerful design consists of a double Ankh combined with the Djed and Heqa.
  • The Djed symbolizes the Creator God Ptah, to remind us of our own creation power.
  • The Heqa symbolizes for guiding humanity.
  • The combination of this symbolism creates a powerful tool.
  • The Double Ankh pendant is available in 18K gold plated brass or 14k Gold
  • The pendant comes with a linen jewelry pouch and a wax cord string.