Holi Sleep Companion - Sunrise Stimulator

Holi Sleep Companion - Sunrise Stimulator

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  • The first sunrise simulator to make your mornings brighter.
  • Sleepcompanion is the first sunrise simulator scientifically designed to act on your body’s natural production of melatonin, the sleep hormone.
  • Sleepcompanion’s exclusive technology guarantees both bright and stimulating mornings.
  • Wake up naturally with a spring in your step!
  • Sleep360, the sleep app you’ve always dreamed of, ensuring you always get out of bed on the right side.
  • Control Sleepcompanion with your fingertips and eyes and discover the full range of functions:    
  • Program up to three light alarms
  • Vary the mood in your room
  • Discover its sleep programs
  • Monitor the regularity of your sleep in your sleep journal
  • Set objectives and monitor your progress
  • Benefit from advice to help you improve your sleep