Since 2017, iVANZi has been the platform that empowered independent designers and showcased the most unique and innovative products. During our journey, we worked hard to set the bar for giving digitally-native brands the opportunity to grow from online into their first brick & mortar stores, proudly showcasing our partners in our retail stores in NYC, PA, & VA. 

The time has come to reinvent ourselves.  Therefore, we are taking a step back and preparing for a brand new retail concept by iVANZi delivering the same values, and setting the bar even higher.
Stay tuned, we're excited to see you again soon.


Team iVANZi
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Prior to Covid-19, iVANZi was a curated marketplace designed to empower independent designers and makers. As a result of the current pandemic, the iVANZi team along with our independent makers decided to quickly pivot its efforts and reallocate its assets and resources to provide for the consumers immediate needs.