Lotus Bend Plant Holder

Lotus Bend Plant Holder

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  • Suggestive of the natural symmetry of a lotus flower, this solid softwood sculpture folds into itself in tight, repeating loops.
  • A grass-like air plant sits nestled in its center.
  • A walnut color variation is available in this bend.
  • Our sculptures are 100% hand-bent and finished in Oakland, CA or Brooklyn, NY.
  • Due to the nature of the wood bending process and the wood itself, each sculpture is unique. Variations in color, graining, and dimensions will exist.
  • Dimensions Approximately 3" tall x 4.5” wide
  • Plant Care: Remove plant from sculpture and submerge in a bowl of dechlorinated water for 5 to 10 minutes every two to three days. Morning watering is preferable.
  • Allow plant to dry fully before returning to sculpture.
  • Air plants continue to grow, bloom and produce offspring with proper care.