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  • Where did this all begin? A long time ago. In a galaxy far far away. Or, to be more exact, in 2015 in a little place we’d like to call Amsterdam. Mainly because it’s called that way. There a group of creative friends came together to explore a solution for our hearing. We collectively decided that hearing protection devices and electronic hearables did not provide a good enough solution for our ears. And, like we mentioned earlier, they were pretty ugly. We discovered that earplugs are lowering sound all the time, most of the time with worse quality than our own natural hearing. That’s not cool. You constantly have to unplug and replug earplugs, for a situation where sound levels are lower, or you need to communicate with your friends. Also with their design focused on hiding the plugs, they communicate that you do not want to show these products to your surrounding. Rightfully so because well, they’re ugly. Electronic hearables can provide a more better solution, however, they do not provide protection. And that sucks. Also, because the sound goes in and out electronically, you will not hear the real sound. The sound is altered and there is a slight lag. They’re also pretty pricey because of all the electronic stuff. And although these products provide better aesthetics compared to ear plugs, we believe they still don’t look good enough to enhance the user's style. Read: They’re ugly.

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