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About iVANZi is a curated online marketplace with growing brick and mortar stores
located in prime locations across the United States. By providing retail solutions from
click to brick, ivanzi allows sellers to scale their brand with ease.

About iVANZi is a curated online marketplace with growing brick and mortar stores
located in prime locations across the United States. By providing retail solutions from
click to brick, ivanzi allows sellers to scale their brand with ease.

Unleash Your Selling Potential

Focus on what you do best, and we will take care of the rest


Markets & Scale

Expand into new markets and increase your brand’s footprint. Your brand will enjoy greater online traffic and physical retail exposure.


Brand Success Management

Dedicated team members will work with you to develop a successful partnership model that fits your needs.


In-House Creative Studio

If needed, our in-house production team will capture optimal photographs and videos of your products.


Marketing Solutions

Our team will suggest sale events, launch social media campaigns and even provide your brand with monthly feedback from customers.



Your brand may fulfill all online sales or allow iVANZi to process and ship on your behalf.


Customer Service

Our dedicated customer service representatives are available to provide answers and solutions and support.

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Our Locations


New York City, NY


Philadelphia, PA


Washington, DC


Miami, FL


Santa Monica, CA


Location Specifics


SoHo, NY

New York’s prime shopping destination. Many tourists wander SoHo as it is known for its cobblestone streets, and scenic backdrop for fashionable crowds. It is filled with designer boutiques, trendy chains and art galleries.


King of Prussia Mall, PA

It is the largest mall in the United States. The mall is diverse and filled with a good mix over 400 stores. The mall yields about $1.1 billion in annual sales. The mall attracts an estimated 22 million visitors per year with 20% being tourists.


Tyson’s Corner Center, VA

Opened in 1968, Tyson’s Corner Center is one of the first fully enclosed, climate-controlled shopping malls in the Washington Metropolitan area. It is also the largest mall in the Baltimore-Washington area. The mall has 3 levels, with a total of 2.1 million square feet of retail space.


What is iVANZi?

iVANZi is a curated retail experience launched in March of 2017, that provides independent brands the opportunity to showcase their merchtandise in both high-traffic online setting as well as strategic physical locations nationwide. With a multi-faceted approach to retail, iVANZi strives to empower the next generation of makers and brands.

With dedicated brand managers, access to strategic and rapidly growing retail locations across the United States, and an in-house production team dedicated to photography and videography, iVANZi strives to empower the next generation of makers and brands.

How does iVANZi work?

iVANZi offers many different options for designers and brands. Brands have the option to sell online, in store, or both.

If electing to showcase your merchandise online only:

  • - Sellers begin by uploading their product(s) in their brand store on
  • - Once uploaded, your store will undergo final approval of the iVANZi Curation Team and accepted within 48 hours.
  • - After approval, products will be sold on under your brand name and a dedicated brand page.
  • - All sellers are responsible for processing and shipping their respective orders.
  • - Brands fulfilling on behalf of their store are subject to a 17% commission rate-- in addition to a 2.9% payment processing fee.
Brands interested in showcasing their merchandise in store and online:
  • - Your brand will be featured in all of our fast-growing locations across the United States.
  • - Your brand and its products will be cross-listed on with its own dedicated brand page.
  • - All iVANZi online orders will be processed and shipped by our fulfillment team
  • - Our marketing team will work closely with you to ensure the success of your brand’s online and in-store launch. Specifically, sales events, merchandising strategies, and targeted social media campaigns will be made, while your brand will receive bi-monthly sales reports and analytics.
  • - Each tech brand will have a dedicated tablet in each of our locations showcasing an informational video about their product and brand.
  • - Fashion brands will be showcased on a brand-specific rack in each of our stores.

Can I choose to only showcase my products in your retail space?

  • Although brands have the opportunity to solely showcase their merchandise within physical brick and mortar iVANZi locations, we highly recommend cross-listing your merchandise via Doing so ensures maximum exposure and traffic via our online marketplace, as well as targeted social media campaigns.

What are the fees on iVANZi?

- We charge no listing or monthly membership fee.

- Online: All sales on are charged a 17% transactional fee, and a 2.9% processing fee. The processing fees are collected by a credit card payment gateway or PayPal.

- In-store: For brands paying for space within one of our retail stores, all transactions are subject to a 15% commission rate.

What are the seller guidelines on iVANZi?

Fair Price: Although we never want to put a value on your creativity, we do expect all listed items to be fairly priced. This includes matching your retail price with that of your online stores and/or other listed marketplaces.

Professional Photography: We know how much time you spend on your brand… so be sure to display its beauty with quality photographs! If needed, iVANZi offers complimentary photography and videography via our in-house production team.

Appropriate Products: At iVANZi, we strive to provide a marketplace with a wide variety of products and general merchandise. This includes fashion, home and living, and tech products. However, certain items are-- and will always--be prohibited on the iVANZi marketplace. Please refer to our seller policy for the complete list.

Processing and Shipping Times:

By listing your products with iVANZi, you agree to abide by all listed processing and shipping times.

How will I know if I made a sale?

When an online sale is made, all sellers receive a notification to the email of their choice that an order has been placed. Brands are then obligated to update the status of their order via their seller dashboard. If iVANZi fulfills on your behalf, your dedicated brand success manager will inform you accordingly.

How do I get paid?

- For all brands electing to self-fulfill, PayPal is mandatory to become an iVANZi seller.

- Upon making an online sale, funds are distributed once a week via your listed PayPal account.

- Paying brands showcased in our retail locations will receive payment once everytwo weeks via check, PayPal or wire transfer.

Is there a special return policy I need to implement to be on iVANZi?

-When selling with iVANZi, all sellers are subject to a unified seven day return policy both in store and online. All returns by customers must be in original condition, while personalized or made to order items are ineligible for return. To learn more, please visit our seller policy.


Still need some help?

Here at iVANZi, we are here to help you realize your seller potential. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us.


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