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We have the tools to turn it into reality

As an iVANZi seller, you are part of a selective marketplace dedicated to the independent creative.

Minimal Commission Rate

Free Membership

No Listing Fees

Secure Payments

As an independent creative, we know you have enough to worry about.
Overpriced service fees shouldn’t be one of them.

Our plan is simple: you should not be paying online
marketplace fees unless you have made a sale.

  • $0.00


  • 25%


  • 3% + $0.30


We process transactions with Direct Checkout, our secure SSL-encrypted payment
program, to ensure security and peace of mind.

Unleash your selling potential.

Focus on what you do best, and we will take care of the rest.

Simple Setup

We made store setup easy so that you can focus more time on what really matters; your brand.



We only host the creative, innovative, and talented so you will not get lost in the marketplace crowd.


iVANZi Joint Sale

Our innovative payment program increases your opportunity to expand into a brick and mortar business.


iVANZi Feed 

Share your unique brand story with a short video, pictures, and glimpses of your most exciting products.


Marketing Tools

Benefit from our integrated marketing and SEO tools, while empowering your brand on iVANZi social channels.

Need a little help?

Here at iVANZi, we are here to help you realize your seller potential. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us.


Frequently Asked Questions

A few common questions to help you sell on iVANZi

What is iVANZi?

The focal point of iVANZi is bridging the ever-widening divide between retailers, customers, and wholesale buyers. By providing a wide variety of sellers with exposure to independent retailers that are looking to add variety to their shelf space, we strive to empower both buyers and sellers.

What are the seller guidelines on iVANZi?

  • 10 listings: All sellers must upload a minimum of ten different products so that our team may properly evaluate your work. Also post up to 300 listings… for free!
  • Fair Price: What consumer enjoys being overcharged? Although we never want to put a value on your creativity, we do expect all listed items to be fairly priced.
  • Professional Photography: We know how much time you spend on your brand… so be sure to display its beauty with quality photographs!
  • Packaging: We expect all sellers to take great care in the look and feel of their product’s packaging. After all, first impressions matter!
  • Appropriate Products: At iVANZi, we strive to provide a marketplace with a wide variety of products and general merchandise. This includes handcrafted items, works of art, accessories, articles of clothing, footwear, outerwear, and much more! However, certain items are--and will always--be prohibited on the iVANZi marketplace. Please refer to our FAQ section for the complete list.

What makes iVANZi different?

iVANZi gives independent creatives and artisans the opportunity to flourish through increased visibility and exposure. We also directly link retailers and store owners to one another, therefore benefiting both parties. Innovative payment options such as Joint Sale will also be provided.

What is Joint Sale?

Joint Sale is a unique payment option exclusive to iVANZi. Similar to a consignment program, the sellers will display products on the shelves of retailers, yet only be charged if the products are sold. A seller determines a Product Cycle of 30 or 60 Days. After completion of the Product Cycle, the buyer pays for sold products and returns any unsold merchandise back to seller.

What are the fees on iVANZi?

Our plan is simple: if it doesn’t sell, you don’t pay. As a result, we charge no listing or monthly membership fees. Meanwhile, all sales on iVANZi are charged a 25% transactional fee, and up to a 3% processing fee. The processing fees are collected by a credit card payment gateway or PayPal.

How does iVANZi work?

Setup is easy! Sellers post a minimum of ten items in their personal store, giving them exposure to our vast customer and retail member base. Upon doing so, you will be vetted by our dedicated iVANZi team and accepted within 24-48 hours.

Do what you do best.

Our mission is to help independent creatives reach their selling potential.