The Fli Essential Setup

The Fli Essential Setup

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FLI Charge is a system that keeps your devices on 100% throughout the day, without the mess of cables or using up all your outlets. All you need is the FLIway 40 and one of our charging solutions.

The Essential Setup is the best way to start living life on the FLI ASAP. This bundle includes:

  • (1) FLIway 40 charging pad
  • (1) FLIcase for your Apple or Samsung smartphone
  • (1) FLIcube for tablets and other higher powered devices
  • (1) FLIcoin for any Lightning or microUSB powered device

Unlike other pads, FLI Charge uses conductive charging. The smart chip on the back of our devices has been engineered so that it always completes a circuit, regardless of position or orientation on the pad. It sends the exact amount of electricity needed to charge. This means faster and more powerful charging for all your devices.