Vinci Smart Headphones

Vinci Smart Headphones

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World's First Intelligent 3D Headphones A Voice-controlled Mobile Assistant that Understands You.

Ask Vinci to change the music or for directions to a local restaurant. Tell it to schedule an appointment or dictate a text. Vinci works independently of your mobile phone, delivering on-the-go convenience. No need to connect to or manually search on your mobile phone.

Your Al personal assistant, music studio, and phone.

Vinci learns your music preferences, measures your vitals, and tracks your activity to recommend personalized for you. Voice control your music, check the weather, and find local restaurants. Just ask. Enjoy ultimate Freedom from a completely standalone device with easy-to-use touch controls

Looks like a headphone. Acts like a computer.

Swipe forward/backward to skip songs, up/down to adjust volumes.

An internal storage of 16GB allows you to save your complete music library into Vinci. A large battery of 1500 mAh allows for 15 hours of continuous music playback. No matter where you are, you're music will not stop.

Enabled with 3G- and WiFi, the Vinci experience is an "always connected" one.

3D audio recording and playback. Immersive 3D sound.

3D binaural sound recording. Not only does Vinci sound great, it's 3D sound recording technology captures and immerses you in your favorite audio activities. For music fans, imagine being transported to the best seats in a concert hall.

Active head-tracking. Equipped with active head-tracking, Vinci helps listeners perceive sound from original fixed point in space, introducing new ways of user interaction and augmented acoustic reality.